My experince as a healer.

So why do I heal people asked me be back in my WoW days. I told them I love the feeling of having the Raid/party in my hands. If it wasn’t for the healers the raids would be very bad. I also love getting praise like “Nice clutch heal” or “damn you’re the best healer I have seen in while”. I am not bragging at all I am just being honest. In WoW my first healer was a druid and I loved it but as a druid at that time you were a raid healer.

That was fun while it lasted but I had to take a break and when I came back the guild I was in had broken up. So from that point on I rolled  a Pally and OMG did I Love it. This was before Cata and the end of the Lick King expansion. It was so easy and overpowered I found my calling in…………. the “World Of Warcraft”.

From that point on I was in a lot of the high ranking guilds on my server and for the most part I was the second tank healer in most 25 man’s raids and the main healer in 10 man raids. After that I tried the Shaman but loved the Damage output rather than the healing aspect of the class so I kept playing my Pally. Then I tried a priest and didn’t like the healing as much as the Pally.

But over time Wow got boring and I quit tried a few other games such as Rift, Everquest, Age of Conan and hate to say it Global Agenda, blah such a bad game. Here are two videos of my guild at the time “Moonshine” killing the Lich King believe we were the third or fourth guild on server to do so it is part one of three. So when i get to play SWTOR I will be rolling a IA and healing my little spy ass off for the Empire in the guild RUIN.


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