In the mean time……….

A questioned that comes up a lot on the forums is ” What games are you playing while you wait?” The answer to that is I play League of Legends (LOL), Skyrim, and Orc’s Must Die. For the most part I am playing LOL, what is league of legends is?

Well it is a MOBA and that is a Multiplayer Online Battle Arena, where it has two teams of five. As the player you get to pick a champion weather that is a AD (Attack Damage) Physical Damage. and AP ( Ability Power) magic damage and a support which helps the team with buffs and enhancements to his team and debuffs to the other team.

So from there you pretty much battle to destroy the other team’s turrets in the three lanes, working your way toward the teams Nexus to destroy it. The first one to do it wins the game. Most games last between 20-45 mins some lasting longer at times. It is also a e-sport in which play in tournaments for money up to $200,000 at some. I consider it a sport it takes a lot of mental focus and lighting fast reaction times.

It is a free to play game based on micro transactions. As of 11-18-2011 it had 32 million active accounts with about 4.2 million a day playing. If interested in playing here is a link to the games Official US website

Also check out this youtube series e=plcof the top 5 plays of the week. Check out the action.


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