Imperial Agent

According to the Imperial agent is “

the spy of the Empire. His job is to go behind enemy lines and destroy something that is pivotal to the Republic and then get out before anyone knows what has happened. A single Imperial agent can change the course of a battle more than an entire legion of soldiers or army of Sith Warriors.

Focusing heavily on recon and weapons with long range and accuracy, the agent is known for their life of solitude. Unlike the Sith who are all about more power and force insight, the Imperial Agent is the one who really has the Empire’s citizens in mind; he fights for them.

He comes with very durable heavy armor that allows quick motions. While the agent specializes in killing from afar, he is more than prepared to get in close and kill at this range. Sometimes they work alone; however, sometimes they are a part of a strike team of other agents.

The Empire relies heavily on them for their cunning and sneaking. In the end, the fate of the Empire might rest on the information provided by the agent over any other class. However, maybe the agent will mess things up. You decide.?

Here is another video from Bioware with game play footage.


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