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Update 3

Posted in Progress Updates....... on January 11, 2012 by SwtorPvP

So as of now I am only level 49 and today was the last day of school, hopefully for now. I do plan on keeping this going even after I am done with the class this was for.

Now that is out of the way I will say the story is only getting better as I get closer to the end oh chapter 3 in the story of the game. The twist of the consular story is so ” Star Warsish”  As of now I do have to say the game is great the bugs are getting worked out.

So now I am going to work on that last level so I can get to 50 and than focus mainly on my PvP progression with my guild Ruinous. Please keep on checking my blog out and hopefully I will figure out how to tweak my pc to record at better quality. Here are some more screen shots of my progression


Update 2.

Posted in Progress Updates....... on January 2, 2012 by SwtorPvP

So here is a update to me and my progress in this game. I stopped playing my ops healer and re rolled on the server ” The  Crucible Pits” playing a Jedi Shadow Tank spec. I am level 43 at the moment looking to hit 50 with in a week or so.

I have to admit the story is fucking amazing and being evil seems to be a lot more enjoyable as long as moving to the different server. The reason I left was there were no republic players at all.

So the main part of my guild decided to roll republic, we have four Ruin guilds on that server with a Empire rival DaraMactire supposedly the best PVP guild in the world : /. It is getting heated up between us both with youtube videos being posted by both. It is very humorous in my opinion and is keeping the game refreshing, nothing is better than world pvp.

I am still working on how to stream I think i need more ram and if anyone can help me with that it would be great. But here are some screen shots of my new toon.

My SWTOR weekend (Progress update 1)

Posted in Progress Updates....... on December 20, 2011 by SwtorPvP

So here is a a update…. I started playing through EGA (early game access) on Thursday and here it is Monday, so yes I had a very nerd weekend.

So over my weekend I took some screen shots of my adventures. This first is my “toon” Irons and a picture of the Hutball arena. Hutball is similar to football.

There is a ball placed in the middle and you work as a team to get the ball to the opposing teams side. You can pass the ball and it also can be intercepted.

Than it is two of me healing in a random flashpoint. As of now build is a Imperial Agent “Operative”  and as of now I am 21 points into the medicine tree.

Next is a couple SS “screen shots” of Nar Shaddaa and in my opinion one of the most colorful and outstanding looking places I have seen so far in the game.

The last three are me on Tatooine trying to kill a world boss and dying in the process… and me healing a flashpoint called Cademimu. I have to say that was the most enjoyable group I have experienced in the game so far.

More pics will be coming especially once I get closer to max level 50 and the end game content after that. Once I figure how to not record in crappy quality I will have videos.