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Patch notes: 1.02d

Posted in About SWTOR on January 12, 2012 by SwtorPvP

Today Bioware did a short maintenance to apply this patch.  Here pretty much what they fixed.

1.0.2d Patch Notes 1/12/2012


  • Fixed an exploit that allowed the removal of Armoring item modifications that were not intended to be available for removal on Artifact quality items.

Flashpoints and Operations


Bug Fixes
  • Fixed an issue that sometimes prevented players from resetting their active Flashpoint.


Eternity Vault
  • Using “Reset All Active Operations” no longer causes Soa and the Ancient Pylons to respawn even if the player is currently locked out of these encounters.

Level 50

Posted in About SWTOR with tags , on January 12, 2012 by SwtorPvP

So after 2-3 weeks of playing SWTOR I finally reached the maxed level. I did find it very odd that I finished my story quest before max level. Which forced me to head to Ilum to do dailies and warzones to level up.

Now I am focusing on getting my valor rank up and gear. Keep you updated.

Patch 1.1

Posted in About SWTOR on January 11, 2012 by SwtorPvP

So the first big patch in SWTOR is coming and it is bringing a lot of good changes to the game. First off a new flashpoint will be available and a level 50 bracket in PvP. Changes to guard will also be very helpful to me personally in warzones along with the shadow buffs too.

The buffs and changes to Ilum such as the valor increases with player kills is a great addition, making world PvP more beneficial. The numerous amounts of bug fixes just shows that biware is taking this serious and looking to have a long future with the game.

Here is a link to with the full list of patch notes.

Posted in About SWTOR on January 9, 2012 by SwtorPvP
Gabe AmatangeloFellow PvPers, thank you for taking on the challenge of player vs player combat in The Old Republic!

In the first week after launch there were over a million Warzone matches played, with nearly half of all players participating in Warzones. Bad news for Republic players, though – the Empire currently leads overall, having won 53% of all Alderaan Civil War and Voidstar matches (across all servers). Huttball has been played the most, accounting for 39% of all matches – and yes, we’ll be adding a new same faction vs. same faction enabled Warzone in the future.

We are all really excited at the tremendous volume of participation we’ve seen in PvP thus far. Your interest and demand dictates what we’ll be delivering in the near future. I wanted to give you some insight into where we are with PvP development and where we are going.

First and foremost here is what we are addressing as a top priority:

Level 50 Bracket Warzones: Level 50 players will have a bracket of their own, playing in separate Warzone matches to lower level players. This is something we have wanted to do for some time and now that there is an increasing number of level 50 players we will be implementing the feature in January.

Open World PvP on Ilum: The planet of Ilum currently allows for open world PvP even on a PvE server, but the mechanics and incentives of the planet are not in as intended yet. We’re working on longer term goals for the planet and for other PvP areas, but expect to see some interim adjustments in January – such as more respawn points to focus conflicts, restricting Companion Characters from the area, and revisions to rewards. Ilum will also become a major source of Valor. Valor buffs will increase and decrease based on the objectives your faction owns. These buffs increase the amount of Valor you receive per player kill. However they do not give anything in and of themselves, so players will still need to defeat other players for significant Valor rewards. Additionally, daily and weekly missions will require player kills to complete. Player kills for quests and Valor credit will have diminishing returns per player killed. So, the more players that are fighting other players, the better it is for everyone.

Combat Gameplay: You’ll see several optimizations come online in January, and we are going to continue to tune this as time goes on.

We also have other exciting features coming in the near future including Ranked Warzone Matches, PvP Stat Tracking, Open World PvP Loot Drops, more Warzone medals for different objectives, Guard Optimizations and Target Optimizations.

Additionally we’re looking at ways to enable team vs. team, more level brackets and the ability to choose which Warzone you want to play in.

This is not a complete list of everything we’re working on that’s PvP related, but we have to keep some surprises for later! Thanks again for all your feedback and please keep it coming. We read as much as we can then cross reference with metrics to take action on features and tuning the game to ensure an enjoyable and competitive PvP community.

Gabe Amatangelo Principal Lead PvP, Operations & Flashpoints Designer”

I have to say the changes they are talking of making and implementing is a great step forward for this game. I play Republic and seem to get Voidstar and Alderaan more than hutball. On my server we seem to win more than empire. But that is cause they have Daramactire and they are just scrubs pretty much.
I can not wait for the level 50 bracket and rated warzones, makes me very excited to see where this guild can go.  

Star Wars Burgers

Posted in About SWTOR on January 9, 2012 by SwtorPvP

First off the I got this post off the Ask a Jedi website and thought is was very humorous:

Off-TORpic is our occasional peek outside the world of Star Wars: The Old Republic. Sometimes it’ll be Star Wars. Sometimes it’ll be games. Sometimes, something else all together. But all the time it will be Off-TORpic.

If you’re familiar with the Star Wars franchise at all, you already know that the merchandising that goes along with it knows no bounds. Everything from Dark Side coffee to Taun-Taun Sleeping bags are available to deck out every corner of your home, car or closet. But I think they just took it to a whole new level.

French fast food chain Quick is introducing some new Star Wars themed burgers as a promotion to go along with the upcoming release of Star Wars: Episode I: The Phantom Menace in 3D. And these aren’t just regular burgers. There’s the Jedi Burger featuring Yoda, the Dark Burger featuring Darth Maul and the most amazing one of all – the Darth Vader burger featuring an appetizing black bun.

CGI guest blog: Star Wars Vs World of Warcraft

Posted in About SWTOR on January 9, 2012 by SwtorPvP


The stage has now been set for a battle over whose the best and whose yesterday’s news. In the left corner you have WoW, the defending champ. And in the right corner you have Stars Wars, long time franchise making a play for the online world. Who will win? Better question, which game will I play?


As a recovering gamer, I too have been hooked into many battles over the pride of my guild. Who can forget the great war of 2009, where loyalists of the Cult of Halo declared war on the peaceful, yet brutal Gears. So watching this new battle will be interesting.


On one hand you World of Warcraft, a game that has been a thorn in my side for years. For a time it seemed everyone I knew was playing and tried to lure to the ways of the horde or alliance or whatever the hell they call themselves. On the other hand you have Star Wars, a game I wonder if its construction was for the fans of the franchise or another way Lucas could squeeze another cent out of the Jedi.


All criticisms aside, both games are highly addictive, fun, and as sociable as one can be in our new society of online warfare. Time will tell as to who is the winner. My money is on the apocalypse.

Guest Blog: SWTOR not going to be the Wow killer.

Posted in About SWTOR on January 7, 2012 by SwtorPvP

So, you have left World of Warcraft to go play that new game Star Wars, The Old Republic….umm, why?  What were you thinking, seriously?!?   What has made you want to leave the best MMO game out there?  What does that game have to offer you that WoW no longer does?

Last night when I was playing WoW getting ready to raid, when someone started talking about SWTOR and he said it was like playing something that was “pure and clean”.  He said, he enjoys playing both games but will not leave WoW to play SWTOR, he intends to play them both but WoW is his home.  That means most of you are just interested in something new, but it will soon wear off.  You will come back to WoW you always do.

SWTOR charges you $60 bucks for their game when WoW is only $40, really you are going to make me pay $20 more??  SWTOR will be just like all the other MMOs that have come along, i.e. Warhammer, Aion, and Rift. They said that these games were going to be the WoW killers but alas not so. SWTOR is a copy and paste, another reskin of WoW,

SWTOR will not be the WoW killer, the only thing that will ever bring down WoW is WoW itself.  It may just happen with its next expansion Mist of Pandaria, seriously Pandas!!!  What is going to be the next big bad ass monster we get to kill in this expansions???

Seriously in all honesty I must say that I would like to eventually play SWTOR, maybe when they offer a free trial or drop the cost down some.  I prefer to play with friends or my brothers and none of them are playing it at this time.  So, going out and playing it on my own is probably not something I will do. I am sure that it is a great game and possibly could be a real contender if they can maintain their membership.  They need to make sure that they have the end game content that keeps the players happy once they reach maximum level.  You can only level so many alts before even that gets boring.

Put this video up if you want to not the best comparison video out there but I agree with what he says for the most part.