CGI guest blog: Star Wars Vs World of Warcraft


The stage has now been set for a battle over whose the best and whose yesterday’s news. In the left corner you have WoW, the defending champ. And in the right corner you have Stars Wars, long time franchise making a play for the online world. Who will win? Better question, which game will I play?


As a recovering gamer, I too have been hooked into many battles over the pride of my guild. Who can forget the great war of 2009, where loyalists of the Cult of Halo declared war on the peaceful, yet brutal Gears. So watching this new battle will be interesting.


On one hand you World of Warcraft, a game that has been a thorn in my side for years. For a time it seemed everyone I knew was playing and tried to lure to the ways of the horde or alliance or whatever the hell they call themselves. On the other hand you have Star Wars, a game I wonder if its construction was for the fans of the franchise or another way Lucas could squeeze another cent out of the Jedi.


All criticisms aside, both games are highly addictive, fun, and as sociable as one can be in our new society of online warfare. Time will tell as to who is the winner. My money is on the apocalypse.


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