Guest Blog: SWTOR not going to be the Wow killer.

So, you have left World of Warcraft to go play that new game Star Wars, The Old Republic….umm, why?  What were you thinking, seriously?!?   What has made you want to leave the best MMO game out there?  What does that game have to offer you that WoW no longer does?

Last night when I was playing WoW getting ready to raid, when someone started talking about SWTOR and he said it was like playing something that was “pure and clean”.  He said, he enjoys playing both games but will not leave WoW to play SWTOR, he intends to play them both but WoW is his home.  That means most of you are just interested in something new, but it will soon wear off.  You will come back to WoW you always do.

SWTOR charges you $60 bucks for their game when WoW is only $40, really you are going to make me pay $20 more??  SWTOR will be just like all the other MMOs that have come along, i.e. Warhammer, Aion, and Rift. They said that these games were going to be the WoW killers but alas not so. SWTOR is a copy and paste, another reskin of WoW,

SWTOR will not be the WoW killer, the only thing that will ever bring down WoW is WoW itself.  It may just happen with its next expansion Mist of Pandaria, seriously Pandas!!!  What is going to be the next big bad ass monster we get to kill in this expansions???

Seriously in all honesty I must say that I would like to eventually play SWTOR, maybe when they offer a free trial or drop the cost down some.  I prefer to play with friends or my brothers and none of them are playing it at this time.  So, going out and playing it on my own is probably not something I will do. I am sure that it is a great game and possibly could be a real contender if they can maintain their membership.  They need to make sure that they have the end game content that keeps the players happy once they reach maximum level.  You can only level so many alts before even that gets boring.

Put this video up if you want to not the best comparison video out there but I agree with what he says for the most part. 


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