My SWTOR weekend (Progress update 1)

So here is a a update…. I started playing through EGA (early game access) on Thursday and here it is Monday, so yes I had a very nerd weekend.

So over my weekend I took some screen shots of my adventures. This first is my “toon” Irons and a picture of the Hutball arena. Hutball is similar to football.

There is a ball placed in the middle and you work as a team to get the ball to the opposing teams side. You can pass the ball and it also can be intercepted.

Than it is two of me healing in a random flashpoint. As of now build is a Imperial Agent “Operative”  and as of now I am 21 points into the medicine tree.

Next is a couple SS “screen shots” of Nar Shaddaa and in my opinion one of the most colorful and outstanding looking places I have seen so far in the game.

The last three are me on Tatooine trying to kill a world boss and dying in the process… and me healing a flashpoint called Cademimu. I have to say that was the most enjoyable group I have experienced in the game so far.

More pics will be coming especially once I get closer to max level 50 and the end game content after that. Once I figure how to not record in crappy quality I will have videos.


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