My beta experience

So I got to do participate in the Thanksgiving weekend Beta test and the last beta test for SWTOR.

On my first weekend I got my Sith Warrior (Juggernaut) Up to level 24 was tanking pretty crappy, I wont lie. I will say the story really drew me in, it was almost as if a I was watching a interactive movie and I was the star. The questing is very familiar as is the combat mechanics. FYI NO AUTO ATTACK.  It was smooth to a extent, but when everything was on, O man it was beautiful.

This game has everything I could want in a game. Number one it’s fucking Star Wars and number two is a god damn MMO.  I really am looking forward to be apart of this community and guild. I also am look to go far progression wise with my guild.

Here is a update for myself I ordered Oct 13th and still no EGA my room mate ordered Sept 28th and got in. So tomorrow should be the day. Hopefully from that point on I will posting videos and blogs of my experience leveling up and progressing end game. For the Empire

Here is a walk-through the Imperial agent on the starting planet of Hutta, commentary by the most famous TotalBiscuit.

Thank you for the videos TB keep them coming.


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