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My SWTOR weekend (Progress update 1)

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So here is a a update…. I started playing through EGA (early game access) on Thursday and here it is Monday, so yes I had a very nerd weekend.

So over my weekend I took some screen shots of my adventures. This first is my “toon” Irons and a picture of the Hutball arena. Hutball is similar to football.

There is a ball placed in the middle and you work as a team to get the ball to the opposing teams side. You can pass the ball and it also can be intercepted.

Than it is two of me healing in a random flashpoint. As of now build is a Imperial Agent “Operative”  and as of now I am 21 points into the medicine tree.

Next is a couple SS “screen shots” of Nar Shaddaa and in my opinion one of the most colorful and outstanding looking places I have seen so far in the game.

The last three are me on Tatooine trying to kill a world boss and dying in the process… and me healing a flashpoint called Cademimu. I have to say that was the most enjoyable group I have experienced in the game so far.

More pics will be coming especially once I get closer to max level 50 and the end game content after that. Once I figure how to not record in crappy quality I will have videos.


Need a fix

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If you need a SWTOR fix while you wait for EGA do like I do and check out Towelliee’s channel on  He speaks his mind and has some great points. Twitch also has a lot of directors streaming a lot of the most popular video games out there check it out and nerd out.

Here is a link to his live stream check him out.

My beta experience

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So I got to do participate in the Thanksgiving weekend Beta test and the last beta test for SWTOR.

On my first weekend I got my Sith Warrior (Juggernaut) Up to level 24 was tanking pretty crappy, I wont lie. I will say the story really drew me in, it was almost as if a I was watching a interactive movie and I was the star. The questing is very familiar as is the combat mechanics. FYI NO AUTO ATTACK.  It was smooth to a extent, but when everything was on, O man it was beautiful.

This game has everything I could want in a game. Number one it’s fucking Star Wars and number two is a god damn MMO.  I really am looking forward to be apart of this community and guild. I also am look to go far progression wise with my guild.

Here is a update for myself I ordered Oct 13th and still no EGA my room mate ordered Sept 28th and got in. So tomorrow should be the day. Hopefully from that point on I will posting videos and blogs of my experience leveling up and progressing end game. For the Empire

Here is a walk-through the Imperial agent on the starting planet of Hutta, commentary by the most famous TotalBiscuit.

Thank you for the videos TB keep them coming.

Will SWTOR “Kill” WoW?

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Early Access Begins

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Im sure most you all know that early game access (EGA) has begun. The game does not officially release until Dec 2oth. So who got in and from what I have read it was first day preorders if not everyone who preordered in July got in. I am thinking they will try to have all preorders in by this weekend.

I see no reason marketing wise how it would be a bad idea for Bioware considering as of Dec 12th the numbers for preorder sales are 939,358 units have been sold.

In the mean time……….

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A questioned that comes up a lot on the forums is ” What games are you playing while you wait?” The answer to that is I play League of Legends (LOL), Skyrim, and Orc’s Must Die. For the most part I am playing LOL, what is league of legends is?

Well it is a MOBA and that is a Multiplayer Online Battle Arena, where it has two teams of five. As the player you get to pick a champion weather that is a AD (Attack Damage) Physical Damage. and AP ( Ability Power) magic damage and a support which helps the team with buffs and enhancements to his team and debuffs to the other team.

So from there you pretty much battle to destroy the other team’s turrets in the three lanes, working your way toward the teams Nexus to destroy it. The first one to do it wins the game. Most games last between 20-45 mins some lasting longer at times. It is also a e-sport in which play in tournaments for money up to $200,000 at some. I consider it a sport it takes a lot of mental focus and lighting fast reaction times.

It is a free to play game based on micro transactions. As of 11-18-2011 it had 32 million active accounts with about 4.2 million a day playing. If interested in playing here is a link to the games Official US website

Also check out this youtube series e=plcof the top 5 plays of the week. Check out the action.

My experince as a healer.

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So why do I heal people asked me be back in my WoW days. I told them I love the feeling of having the Raid/party in my hands. If it wasn’t for the healers the raids would be very bad. I also love getting praise like “Nice clutch heal” or “damn you’re the best healer I have seen in while”. I am not bragging at all I am just being honest. In WoW my first healer was a druid and I loved it but as a druid at that time you were a raid healer.

That was fun while it lasted but I had to take a break and when I came back the guild I was in had broken up. So from that point on I rolled  a Pally and OMG did I Love it. This was before Cata and the end of the Lick King expansion. It was so easy and overpowered I found my calling in…………. the “World Of Warcraft”.

From that point on I was in a lot of the high ranking guilds on my server and for the most part I was the second tank healer in most 25 man’s raids and the main healer in 10 man raids. After that I tried the Shaman but loved the Damage output rather than the healing aspect of the class so I kept playing my Pally. Then I tried a priest and didn’t like the healing as much as the Pally.

But over time Wow got boring and I quit tried a few other games such as Rift, Everquest, Age of Conan and hate to say it Global Agenda, blah such a bad game. Here are two videos of my guild at the time “Moonshine” killing the Lich King believe we were the third or fourth guild on server to do so it is part one of three. So when i get to play SWTOR I will be rolling a IA and healing my little spy ass off for the Empire in the guild RUIN.